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The Official Steve Oedekerk LJ Community

It will be sig-ni-fi-cant...

There will be a Steve Oedekerk community...
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Unlike Wimp Lo, you're a winner--otherwise you wouldn't be here, the Official Steve O LJ Community. So, join the circle of chosen ones, and sign up to be a member of this special, exclusive community. You know you want to.

Would you travel ten million miles to find a Steve O community? Well, you're in luck, because you don't need to, because obviously you've stumbled across this one. In case you haven't seen yet, there is one other community, thumbfilms, dedicated specifically to Steve Oedekerk's Thumb Presentations. This community is for everyone, and you can post anything you want about upcoming O presentations. So, knock yourselves out!

Rules: ((Posted by New Mod ddr_is_life

1) All large and any more than 3 images should be put behind an lj cut. You don't know how to do one? Learn. No it's simple just ask and either me or tiqoli will let you know how to. Or you can just look it up in the FAQ... either way... ya know.

2) No bashing. Just keep it to constructive critisism. You get two warnings people. First offense, you get a personal warning. No one else will know... so you can get away with it once... right? No... that's bad of me... No the post or comment will be deleted and well... people will know... oh well it's fun anyways! lmao. Second offense, post or comment is deleted and you get a public warning. Which means one of us will be putting up a post warning you by username. OH well... it's still funny... right? Anyways, after that you get banned people. Banned. For Life. SO... well... that sucks, but well... it works.

3) Offensive Material...
Swearing is fine. Say fuck all you want. We don't care we do it too. I mean... fuck. Anyways, no racisim, no hard core porn because I don't really want to see The Chosen One and Wimp Lo going at it. Like seriously, I really DON'T wanna see any porn here. Fan art is cool. Nude shit... that's cool too. I just don't want to see any hardcore porn. Now here's the thing... if you have some... email me or tiqoli because... we'll... umm... look at it... and ... make sure it's alright to put up in the community... yeah... that's it. They'll believe that one. For sure. SHIBBY!

Ummm that's it. Be nice, respect each other and have FUN damnit! Now somebody post and leave me alone to do my evil bidding in front of Hooters with my Taco Bell and my evil chains. Don't rip my shirt and good day to you. Now leave. No I mean it... why are you STILL reading? Is it because I'm still typing? Well go... leave... and come again. .......

Side note from tiqoli: If you DO happen to have any male/male porn, tell me. I want it. lol

Okay... I don't know what that was... I think it was the new mod. I'm the owner... he's the mod. Yes there is a gay among us. lol Anyways... if you have a problem with that shove it up your ass and enjoy it. Good day... finally...
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